Graco Contempo High Chair Reviews

When it comes to a convenient, comfortable, and easy to clean high chair, it seems that the Graco Contempo High chair may be the best option for you. Boasting with a whole lot great features, this high chair may meet your needs. Instead of choosing a typical high chair which has less adjustable settings, it is much more effective and efficient to simply choose this high chair. This high chair comes up with pre assembled. In addition to that, this high chair is also available in various patterns. Therefore, you can choose your child’s favorite pattern for his or her high chair to make feeding times more exciting.

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The Graco Contempo Highchair can support up to 40 pounds, and it is suitable for children up to 3 years old. It is such a compact and flat high chair because it can easily be folded, so that it is easy to store this chair and it doesn’t require more space to place this high chair. The seat of this high chair is made of vinyl cushion which is actually easy to wipe and clean. There are 3 recline position settings along with six seat height settings which are completely amazing because the overall chair is just adjustable. There is no assembly required to use this high chair. In addition to that, the feeding tray can be easily removed with one hand, and it is also easy to clean it up in a dishwasher. It has been reported that this high chair is designed to be the slimmest folding high chair manufactured by Graco.


Speaking of the pros of this high chair, the Graco Contempo Highchair comes up with six height and three reclining settings which are really adjustable, so that your child can feel more comfortable while sitting on this high chair. In addition to that, the seat is vinyl cushioned. Even though it includes vinyl, it is still easy to clean. Compared to any other high chair available widely in the market place, this high chair is a lot slimmer than them. So, it is easy to store this high chair.


Even though there are so many great features included in the Graco Contempo Highchair, this high chair still has several downsides. For example, even though it comes up with various patterns, the style of the overall design is that stylish. Therefore, this high chair looks a bit cheap. As a matter of fact, this high chair is actually more expensive than other average high chairs.


Apart from the upsides and the downsides of this high chair, it seems that this high chair is still one of the recommended high chairs that you can choose. This high chair is rich with beneficial features apart from the fact that it doesn’t look pretty stylish. If you are more concerned about the features rather than the price and the design, it seems that it is recommended for you to simply consider purchasing the Graco Contempo Highchair for your child.

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